Vince Yang, ZKLink CEO: Decentralized Finance, Zero Knowledge And Building Layer 3 Blockchains

About Vince Yang and ZKLINK

Disruptors and curious minds! This week we’re speaking with Vince Yang, CEO of zkLink.

In what will be a far-reaching, technological and philosophical conversation about the impact of ZK technology and Layer 3s on DeFi, and in turn, what that means for the financial infrastructure of culture. Yikes! That is a big topic, but we’re ready. Please Enjoy The Show.

Questions we’ll try to answer:

What are ZK Proofs?

Why do we even need DeFi?

How does DeFI impact business?

What does it give the ‘man on the street’?

DeFi and the tools are complex financial instruments.

What is a better blockchain user experience (UX) in DeFi? Should it be simplified?

Where is the line between education and mass adoption?

How do you navigate regulatory environments across different countries when expanding DeFi services?

What role do you think regulation should play (if any) in the DeFi space to balance innovation with consumer protection? How can DeFi impact traditional banking and financial services in the next decade?

How can traditional financial institutions leverage DeFi to enhance their service offerings?

Why do we need layer 3s? What is layer 3?

How far does the Russian doll go?

Do we need layer 4 and 5? Is layer 3 the final layer?

What is ZKlink, how is it different?

What is ZKlink Nova?

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