Viroshan Naicker: A Crash Course In Quantum Computing – What Is Quantum Computing, Qubits And Linear Superposition, Quantum State, Scales Of Probability, How Getting Drunk Advanced The Quantum Realm, The Star Trek Episode On The Quantum Fly-Wheel, Computational Space, Schrodinger’s Cat And Much More

About Viroshan Naicker

What is quantum computing? What is quantum entanglement? How do quantum computers work? Where are we on the timeline? What are the challenges? What will it eventually mean for business, brands and culture?

Viroshan Naicker has a background in quantum computing. He studied theoretical and mathematical physics before doing a certificate of advanced maths at Cambridge. Since receiving his PhD in mathematics (his dissertation was in the field of Graph Theory – the mathematical study of networks.), he has worked as a tech consultant, a tokenomics researcher, advisor and more. He’s also a writer and a very curious mind. 

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