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"Technology creates a thousand futures, culture determines which one we take."

"Their shutdown validated our approach, which is to focus on culture. We think about what this technology means for arts, for people, and we tell stories of its impact rather than just explaining what it is. We want to elevate the interesting stories."

"It's a 44-page report on what charities can do in web3. We did it with Save the Children, Water Aid and World of Women."

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About Leo Nasskau

Leo Nasskau has honed his understanding of how organizations evolve and the crucial role culture plays in driving progress.

He started at Egon Zehnder, where he worked in leadership advisory. Initially drawn to the insights gained from understanding how people lead and drive change within organizations. Over time, he found himself keen to move beyond the consulting ecosystem, and get in the field himself. This realization led him to explore the intricate dynamics of change and the influence of culture on the successful implementation of new technologies.

In pursuit of his passion for leveraging culture to ensure equitable progress, Leo joined Culture3, an organization dedicated to harnessing the power of culture to ensure that emerging technologies deliver progress for all. As the company’s first employee, Leo has been instrumental in building a hub for leaders, thinkers and builders to navigate the future of the internet. Leading a team focused on media and industry trends, Leo’s expertise has been integral in bridging the gap between technology and society, ensuring that advancements benefit all.

Prior to his involvement with Culture3, Leo co-founded UniReach, an EdTech charity dedicated to improving access to higher education through on-demand mentoring. As Chair of the Board, he spearheaded the organization’s growth, overseeing 600 volunteer mentors and fostering partnerships with 50 schools. Through UniReach, Leo’s unwavering commitment helped countless deserving students secure places at prestigious institutions like Oxbridge, empowering them to fulfil their academic potential.

Throughout his academic journey at the University of Oxford, Leo excelled academically, earning a First-Class Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics. His commitment to fostering intellectual engagement and societal dialogue led him to assume key roles, such as Founding Senior Editor for Current Affairs at The Oxford Blue and Head of Sponsorship for TEDx Oxford. 

Beyond his professional and academic achievements, Leo is an avid podcaster for Culture3 where he explores how leaders can build societies fit for the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century. His dedication to creating meaningful conversations and disseminating knowledge underscores his commitment to inspiring positive change.

Leo Nasskau’s journey is a testament to his unwavering dedication to leveraging culture, technology, and leadership to effect transformative change.

Please enjoy the show! 

Quotes From Leo Nasskau 

“We sort of see where we are in 2023 as a really pivotal moment in terms of what the internet looks like, how society organizes, and really, blockchain is just a fundamentally innovative and really impactful technology that we wanted to bring to the world and think about what it means for culture, what it means for commerce, what it means for people organizing.”

“That’s really the vision: to show the world that we’ve got this really exciting technology, this is what it actually means for you, for your friends, for your job. This is why we think it’s really important.”

“Companies like Day Away offer luxury travel experiences with NFT-based discounts across various platforms. Starbucks has a program where blockchain-based transactions enable perks and discounts. It opens up possibilities for more interesting commerce, branding, promotions, and discounts. I’m excited to see how these aspects develop in the coming years.”

“You need to be competing with so many more charities to really stand out. So crypto donations is something that is probably the first thing to think about. But also money just in terms of how you distribute it as well.”

Show notes and Timestamps

0:00 Welcome

1:05 Introducing Leo Nasskau

2:15 Culture3, Blockchain & Society

3:43 Digital Web3 Publishing

4:37 Defining Culture

8:23 Why Web3 Is Better For Culture

12:55 E-Commerce

17:34 Identity & Persona

23:31 Airdropping To Fans

28:00 Learn, Earn & Yearn

30:20 Web3 V Degen Culture

34:00 Does This Need Blockchain?

38:08 Are People Ready For Self-Sovereignty?

39:43 Web3 Charity & Philanthropy

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