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In today's world, technology isn't just a tool—it is an inseparable part of your life. It shapes your relationships, your work, and your culture. Yet, its rapid evolution can be overwhelming, leaving many feeling left behind or confused about where to start.

Connecting the technological dots so you can think clearly

Technology is in your pocket, by your bed, on your table and between you and your loved ones. It influences every aspect of your life. Yet it can often feel invisible, making it hard for you to grasp its true impact. How do you keep up with this ever-changing landscape? How do you stay relevant and informed when new developments happen at breakneck speed?

"Emerging technology isn’t always inconspicuous. Sometimes it’s a drunken barfly, shouting in your face, spilling beer on the bar, causing a stir. Then it falls onto the stage, front and centre, in the spotlight. And that’s when technology is at its most exciting."

We created Thinking On Paper because, like you, we were overwhelmed with meaningless, shouty content. We wanted to make AI, blockchain and quantum computing accessible, practical, and relevant to you.

Practical Knowledge

We break down emerging tech, so you can use it in your job.

Web3 Demystified

Learn about tokenization, community building, NFTs, blockchain, and more.

Simplified Complex Subjects

We cut through the noise, delivering insights you can understand.

Cultural Insights

Explore the cultural and philosophical ramifications of emerging technology.

So whether you’re a CEO, founder, professional or just a curious mind, Thinking On Paper will help you understand and the impact emerging technologies are having on your family, friends, job and culture.

Emerging Technologies

Artificial Intelligence

How is AI transforming industries and what ethical dilemmas does it introduce? Can AI truly understand and replicate human creativity, or is it bound by its programming?


Beyond cryptocurrencies, how is blockchain technology revolutionizing supply chains, voting systems, and data security? What are the challenges and opportunities of decentralized networks?

Quantum Computing

With the potential to solve problems beyond the reach of classical computers, how will quantum computing impact fields like cryptography, medicine, and artificial intelligence? What are the current limitations and future prospects?

Internet Of Things (IOT)

How is IoT changing the way we interact with the world around us? From smart homes to smart cities, what are the implications for privacy, security, and the economy?


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