Neil Redding – Near Futurist, Spatial Computing, Co-creating With AI, The Difference Between Thinking And Doing, The Brand Playbook For Emerging Tech, Presence In Virtual Worlds, Being Overwhelmed By Tech, How Retail Can Save Millions With AR, Brand Tech Strategy, Combining Technologies, What’s Wrong With Omnichannel And Much More

About Neil Redding

Neil Redding is a keynote speaker, author, Innovation Architect and Near Futurist. Neil has worked at the convergence of digital and physical for decades, and is an expert in spatial computing, virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR), AI and convergent brand ecosystems.

As a Near Futurist, Neil focuses on connecting what’s possible with what’s practical. He has started and led Near Future teams at firms as diverse as Mediacom, Gensler, and Thoughtworks — always leveraging the emerging possible in service of practical business value for his clients.

Neil currently leads Redding Futures, a boutique consultancy that enables brands and businesses to powerfully engage the Near Future. Prior to founding Redding Futures, Neil held leadership roles at Mediacom, Proximity/BBDO, Gensler, ThoughtWorks and Lab49. He has delivered for clients including Visa, Nike, Cadillac, Macy’s, NBA, Verizon, TED, The Economist, MoMA, Converse, Morgan Stanley, Apple, Oracle, Financial Times, and Fidelity Investments.

He has spoken at numerous conferences including SXSW, AWE, Immerse Global Summit, infoComm, Tech2025, CreateTech, SEGD XLab, A.R.E. Shoptalk, Creative Technology Week, Design+AI and VRevolution.

Neil is also editor of Near Future of Retail, author of the forthcoming book The Ecosystem Paradigm, and advises multiple startups at the leading edge of the digital-physical convergence.

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Quotes From Neil Redding

“I think the job of a near futurist is not just connecting possibility with practical needs, but also translating that into a testable hypothesis that can then be quickly proven or disproven.”

“As a technologist who wants to get things built, I'm much more interested in what is emerging and what's on the edge of just barely mature enough to put into practice, and how that can be used to address the current needs of brands and businesses.”

““There's a lot of people who do various kinds of futurist or future strategy work that don't bring the capability of quickly coming to testable hypotheses.”

“You could prototype it using any number of different tools - figma is one of the more popular - and then put it in front of people and see if it makes sense.”

“ChatGPT and other machine learning models are really really good thought partners.”

“Everyone needs to think innovatively.”

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More Quotes From Neil Redding

“Spatial Computing is much less discussed but an equally important trend for 2024.”

“In its June announcement of the Vision Pro headset, its first purpose-built spatial computer, Apple’s using this term. We knew they weren’t going to call any sort of purpose-built AR or mixed reality device a metaverse device.”

“Spatial Computing is the third major era of computing. Macintosh introduced personal Computing, the iPhone introduced mobile Computing and now Vision Pro is introducing us to spatial Computing.”

“It’s a massively multiplayer game that tracks where you are in space and uses that spatial content as part of the gameplay.”

“Physical context for information is very important and very powerful. Digital tools that aren’t leveraging spatial computing and augmented reality are missing out on this.”

“One thing that gets retail excited is larger basket size.”

“These metaverse ideas don’t turn out to be compelling because there’s not enough of a sense of presence. Presence is this magical thing that enables serendipity and other magical aspects of Human experience.”



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