Kevin Riedl: Blockchain Developer, Language And Solidity Programming, What Are Smart Contracts, Really? Coding For Smart Cities, The Internet Of Things, Teaching Kids To Code, Creativity And Blockchain For Children, Hacking To Learn And Much More

About Kevin Riedl

Kevin Riedl is a blockchain developer, Dapp engineer and founder of web3 software company Waveact.

When he isn’t writing smart contracts in Solidity, he writes the ‘No BS around Tech’ newsletter. When he isn’t doing either of those, he’s presenting his own web3 and blockchain podcast where he explores the culture of tech.

Kevein is also a father, former firefighter and handstand fanatic.

Suffice to say, there are many rabbit holes we could jump down with Kevin – and we will.

But since Kevin’s extensive bio reads like that of a web3 superhero, we wanted to go all Bruce Wayne and focus the show on education. With his company Waveact he runs web3 workshops for kids as young as 10. Every year he works with Coding4Kids to teach 10-14 years about software development, hosting lessons on Scratch (a programming language for kids developed by MIT), security issues, vulnerabilities and ‘hacks’. 

Please enjoy the show!

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“I started developing simple websites like most people did at the age of 12 or 13. At that time I had one huge website with everything on, mobile apps, everything I could imagine.”

“When I started developing those websites I didn't know HTML or CSS, I just used a CMS like WordPress. One day I discovered a button that transformed the text I'd written on the website into HTML.”

“A smart contract, let's say from an ideological perspective, is law that's written by code.”

“The simplest use case for a smart contract that would help day-to-day is escrow services.”

“A lot of people are really excited about Zero Knowledge. Basically cryptography where you are able to prove in a mathematical way that you know something without revealing the actual underlying information.”

“It's validity proving where you can verify if software that you have written ran the way it is supposed to run.”

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