Kassi Burns: How Attorneys Are Using AI, Exchanging Information To Build cases, Technology-Assisted Review In litigation, The EU And U.S AI act, How Robust Is Your Data Set, A Constellation Of Concepts, Authenticating Your Work, A legal Word Of Caution To Web 3, Andy Warhol And Modern Art Copyright, Transparency, Fair Use, Blockchain To Validate The Source, Watermarking Metadata, And Much More

About Kassi Burns

Kassi Burns is an attorney who has been employing AI and Machine Learning for a decade. Her legal career is characterized by a sustained curiosity in emerging technologies, technical and client service skills, a deep understanding of data’s impact on legal matters, and a strong desire to engage with individuals within and beyond the eDiscovery community.

Over the years, Kassi has developed a unique and diverse background encompassing transactional law, eDiscovery, privacy law, data breach response, information law, and legal operations. She has consistently collaborated with Partner/GC/C-suite clients.

Kassi’s curiosity regarding emerging technologies like blockchain, NFTs, and web3, and their implications for the legal profession, has kept her on a constant path of discovery and educational growth. Her social media presence, including content shared through @eDiscoverist, is motivated by her desire to educate non-practitioners about eDiscovery and inform the legal community about web3.

Kassi has her own podcast that explore the legal side of emerging technology. Check it out here

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More Kassi Burns Quotes From The Interview

“‘Human in the loop’ is a phrase that's used all the time. I personally don't like it. I really think it should be ‘AI in the loop.’’

“But those are still some of the same mechanisms; it still goes to data richness, how robust is your data set? What are you doing to train it on the back end? How are you going to refine it? What are you doing to validate the results?”

“The legal practice is focused on two things: the law and facts and how those facts intersect with the law to help decide an issue that's in dispute.”

“The algorithms we use tend to be LSI (Latent semantic indexing) algorithms. It creates a very robust constellation of concepts that are interconnected, not by literal words but by concepts.”

“It creates a concept-plus-service. If you're getting documents from the opposing party and you want to see what documents they have and you want a quick snapshot, you can run conceptual indices and get what we would call concept clusters. And it can drill down into layers of specificity.”

“I think that we're going to want the human created content because there is a sameness that occurs with Generative AI because it’s predicting what you want. When it comes to our music and visual arts, we want things that surprise us.”

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