Rachel Noonan: Designing Super Experiences, Extending AR Magic, Spatial Computing, What Happened At Coachella, Why Is The Metaverse Empty, Web3 Tribeca, Advising Brands On Virtual Worlds, Musical Super Experiences, Success & Failure, Sport In The Metaverse And Much More…

About Rachel Noonan

Our most connected experiences usually require geographic proximity in three dimensions with other human beings. Concerts, weddings, and soccer matches all transform individual attendees into a universal collective called an audience.

When you think about it, an audience is a network that transmits, receives and aggregates emotion based on a specific stimulus.

For instance, when your favourite team scores the game winning goal, the arena erupts. Is that kind of connection possible in the digital realm? One place to point to in search of answers is gaming. Fortnite, Roblox and others are testing ways to emulate the magic of the game-winning goal, but does it hit the same? On the other hand, games allow us to defy physics. We can’t become invisible or shoot lasers out of our eyes, so games do offer something that the real world cannot.

What if the new approach to experience design is rooted in the physical world with thoughtful extensions into digital venues? What if digital world building had physical attributes? How do bridges between IRL and URL that highlight the uniqueness of each domain deliver an altogether new super experience?

This week’s guest will share her perspective on these questions and more! Rachel Noonan is a Partner and Chief Strategy Officer at Forward, an entertainment-obsessed innovation studio focused on elevating experiences with emerging technology.

Rachel has developed first-to-market API integration partnerships that helped build a music streaming service from the ground up. She’s launched indie and blockbuster films at festivals, theatrically, and online. She has worked with notable brands such as Samsung, Rdio, Microsoft, Meta, and The Toronto International Film Festival.

Rachel also has a Masters of Design in Strategic Foresight and Innovation from Ontario College of Art and Design and has previously served on the Canadian Media Fund’s Innovation and Commercialization Jury.

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