Yolanda Barton: Preserving Culture & Heritage With AR, Hendrix, Linking Communities, Saving Memories, Immersive Experience, Super Powers, Web3 Collaboration, Revere XR, The Utility Of Headsets, The Future Of Global Education, Unapologetic Tech And Much More…

About Yolanda Barton

Yolanda Barton is an immersive storyteller and leader at the forefront of inclusive technology and experiential learning.

As the founder of Revere XR, she has harnessed the power of VR, AR, XR, mixed reality, and AI to revolutionize the way we engage with popular culture and history.

As a pioneer force in the XR preservation platform, Yolanda has earned recognition among the Top 100 women of the future for her ground-breaking work. Her unwavering commitment to bringing history to life through immersive storytelling experiences has earned her acclaim, establishing her as a driving force in the preservation.

Through Revere XR, Yolanda collaborates with cities to preserve their history, and her work with school districts in offering immersive storytelling certification programs is leaving an indelible impact on how we engage with our past and prepare for the future.

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.” ~Yolanda Barton

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Yolanda Barton Quotes From The Show

"As an adult I wanted to bring my kids back (to where I grew up), but I couldn't find the community that I came from, I couldn't find a trace of that history to share with them. I was really in a mad race to find out what I could do to urgently preserve what I felt was vanishing."

"In our race to create it we're losing access to history we're losing access to memories and these are the things that have inspired us and shaped our overall human essence."

"What does it look like for us to be able to have John Lewis and Dr Martin Luther King teach us the civil rights movement using emerging technology where we can be front row seat right here in Atlanta."

"We focus on a real Hub of collaboration where engineers and designers and programmers and artists and creators from a myriad of backgrounds converge to create solutions that are going to resonate with everyone across whole spectrum of humanity."

"Technology and Humanity intertwine in ways that I believe are unapologetically transformative and I'm welcoming you all to the world of unapologetic Tech."

"How do we create an opportunity for poets to collaborate with programmers how do we take the expertise of coders and combine that with insights from caregivers and teachers and artists and elders and visionaries? how does a coder in Mumbai work with an AI artist in Tokyo?"

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