Luz Donahue – Abstract Artist, How To Be More Creative, Flow States, Ego Learning And Play, Living Provenance Phygital Conceptual NFTs, How Brands Can Create Space, The Artist’s Process, Tangible Brand Challenges, AI & Creativity, Divergent Thinking And Much More

About Luz Donahue

Luz Donahue is an abstract artist, teacher, rebel, fractional CMO, strategist, futurist consultant and has been in web3 since the sun rose on the creator economy.  She is currently working on her Living Provenance Phygital Conceptual NFTs!

With over 9 years of experience as a fine artist and educator, and 12 years as a marketing consultant, Luz has a passion for exploring the space between data and human connection. She helps innovators design imaginatively and with elegance, crafting the perfect tasteful solution and product. Luz has worked on many global campaigns with huge budgets, but always comes back to the Web 3 space, where she has been participating since 2013.

Luz has a special interest in its potential for innovation and social impact and uses her skills in social media analytics, content creation, and media management to create and share authentic, magnetic marketing materials that sell. She values integrity and kindness above all.


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