Anthony Glukhov – A.I. And Copyright Law, How Does The Law Define Originality & Creativity, Blurred Lines, Can You Copyright A G-Chord? Google API’s And Fair Use, Who Owns AI Generated Code?, Andy Warhol And Transformative Copyright, Parody & Weird Al Yankovic, Advice For Brands And Much More

About Anthony Glukhov

If you’re a content creator, designer, brand or IP owner sitting in a Hollywood tower, listen up.

IP and copyright law has always been a minefield. Artificial intelligence has made it exponentially more complex.

This week’s guest is going to help you understand where the law stands on using generative ai, what legal frameworks are in place to protect your content, and what the future implications are for creators, consumers, brands and entertainment IP.

Anthony Glukhov, he practices IP, entertainment, and web3 law in Los Angeles as an associate at Ramo Law PC, a boutique law firm for the entertainment industry. (Ramo began in 2005 on the Universal backlot. A few clients include: Imagine Entertainment, Kevin Hart’s Laugh Out Loud and Hartbeat Productions, Hello Sunshine, Skydance, The Jim Henson Company and Boardwalk Pictures)

Anthony has a background in unscripted television and film and advises clients on video games, web3 and artificial intelligence.

He is also a director at LexDAO, a decentralized autonomous organization of legal engineers focused on developing tooling and providing legal advocacy and education for the web3 community.

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Quotes From Anthony Glukhow

“The Copyright Act extends to original works of authorship that are fixed in a tangible medium of expression.”

“That's a lot of words to say basically that you need to have original creativity that you then fix, meaning it's solidified and it's immortalized in some medium be it paper or digital.”

“Anyone who is uh who's really interested in getting into the nitty-gritty, this is found in title 17 of the US Code Section 102.”

“There has to be some modicum of creativity. The bar is basically on the floor for a lot of things, but you need to have some level of creativity to distinguish your work from something else.”

“I think the answer is the legal system struggles.”

“We'll often examine creativity in the negative because if we exclude certain categories of things that aren't given copyright protection we can start to narrow in on what does make sense.”

“I create a new program with the help of chatGPT. Who owns the copyright? The answer is it depends as lawyers love to say, but really the consensus seems to be nobody right now.”

“That's really dependent on how much of the program is being created. If all you're doing is you're sitting there with ChatGPT you got the prompt window open and you are just code prompting, the copyright office and the courts agree that is insufficient to Grant copyright.”

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