Caroline Giegerich: The Warner Music Experience, Spotify Algorithms, Processing Technology, Brands & Artists And How NFTS Connect, UX & The Power Of Visuals, Melanie Martinez AR, Why Musicians Don’t Want Web3 But Arden Jones Does, NFTs, Loyalty, Superfans, Kevin Gates POAPs and Much More…

"You're talking about long-term, what does the fan get out of it? That's of paramount importance."

"I'm actively trying to provide an equitable space where all sorts of people, technical or not, can come together and share ideas."

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About Caroline Giegerich

Caroline Giegerich is Head of Innovation at Warner Music Experience where she turns technology trends into meaningful insights for brands, artists, and audiences.

Working with bands and musicians at the forefront of the Cultural music spectrum, Caroline imagines and leads Warner activations. From Augmented reality, POAPs, NFTs, Web3 and NFC projects. 

Caroline has an extensive background in the music and entertainment industry, including roles at HBO, Netflix, Lucas Arts, and Lionsgate.

During her time as Vice President at MediaLink, Caroline helped clients navigate transformative changes in the media, technology, and agency sectors. Her contributions included developing go-to-market and revenue strategies, optimizing messaging and positioning, conducting product gap analyses and pricing, and designing future-ready organizations.

Here are some notable achievements from Caroline’s career: 

She orchestrated a marketplace visibility engagement, created a client council playbook, and identified IP opportunities to align with advertising sales revenue growth for a $38 billion media company.

As a Marketing Director at Showtime Networks, Caroline spearheaded the go-to-market growth strategy and brand messaging for the OTT Showtime product in hotels, while driving growth in the existing linear business. Reporting to the Vice President of Distributor Marketing, she managed the annual operating budget.

Highlighted accomplishments during her tenure at Showtime Networks include:

Establishing Showtime as a first-mover in launching an OTT/streaming solution for the hospitality industry, resulting in substantial incremental revenue and renewed growth.

Designing acquisition marketing programs across various media channels, such as social media, display, email, video, print, mobile, on-site, and direct mail, to drive awareness and engagement.

Pioneered programmatic media campaigns in the B2B market, reaching target audiences in native online habitats.

She now brings all her experience to Warner Music Experience. 

Enjoy the show. 

Caroline Giegerich: Timestamps

0:00 Disruptors & Curious Minds

1:26 Music, brands & technology

3:35 Introducing Caroline Giegerich

4:20 Spotify Algorithm

6:21 Tech background

7:57 Ed Sheeran

9:07 Synthesising tech trends

10:37 Music & brands

14:34 Stakeholders & Emerging tech

16:07 AR Examples from Warner Music

19:19 We don’t want web3!

20:00 Arden Jones web3

22:58 Warner Is leveraging web3

24:14 Engaging the superfan

25:36 Kevin Gates POAP

31:02 POAPS & SBTs

33:12 Audience Infrastructure

39:29 NFCs & Avenged Sevenfold

45:51 Closing Thoughts

Quotes From Caroline Giegerich On Emerging Tech And The Warner Music Experience

“I’m actively trying to provide an equitable space where all sorts of people, technical or not, can come together and share ideas.”

“We’re making it back-end infrastructure, which is what I always thought web3 needed to get to, to be truly scalable. It’s not in-your-face lingo and complicated machinations of user experience, but more back-end functionality.”

“The labels are principally focused on music. It’s the core of an artist, but we really lean in on all the different avenues around the artist. That could be VIP, tour, retail licensing, D2C.”

“AR solves a variety of different challenges. Like, for instance, what if we want to bring more visual storytelling to a piece of merchandise? Guess what? We can do it with AR. What if we want to use AR to push people to music, artist merch? Guess what? We can do it with AR. We can add CTAs on top of the AR lenses.”

“His (Arden Jones) label is super, they’ve got a head of web3. They are authentically leaning into web3. Doing something with him in the space is okay, everybody’s authentically connected. In talking with web3 companies, that’s what they want too. They don’t want someone who’s never going to talk about it.”

“this doesn’t mean we’re not leveraging web3 tech. We are. We just make it more invisible in terms of the front-end UX.”

“Anything that really provides that kind of avenue where they start to have one-to-one connections without a third-party intermediary is super valuable.”

“I think NFCs are about taking a piece of apparel and turning it into a launchpad for an overall experience for an artist.”

“Maybe it’s Avenged Sevenfold doing Early Access to tickets. Maybe it’s that folks that have that apparel are now able to buy tickets before everyone else.”

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