Aragorn Meulendijks: The Metaverse, How History Shapes Emerging Technology, How VR & AI Can Fix Education, Does AI Have Compassion, How To Keep The Human Connection To Tech, Industrial Food Systems, The World In 2045, The Risks And Challenges Of Technology, Why Idealists Are The Real Realists, AI Elitism And Much More…

About Aragorn Meulendijks

Disruptors and curious minds!

We’re a technological species, going in to a future of virtual worlds, digital twins, ai, nanotechnology, robotics and quantum computing.

Today’s guest is going to explain what it means for the human condition, society and culture.

How can the metaverse and technology give hope to the struggling, sanctuary to the persecuted and meaning to the lost?

How can it elevate our passions, reignite our curiosity?

What does the metaverse mean for brands, manufacturing, entertainment and how will the next generations fare?

Our guest Aragorn Meulendijks, aka Mr. Metaverse, a former historian turned futurist, inspired by the likes of Clarke and Sagan. Aragorn is no stranger to turning ‘crazy’ ideas into reality, advocating for humanity’s fusion with AI and the Metaverse.

He shares his unique perspectives on:

📼 The metamorphosis of human condition in the face of technology’s relentless evolution.

📺 How history serves as a compass guiding our future.

💾 Plato

🎞️ The broken education system and how the metaverse can repair it.

☎️ The risks and solutions of AI elitism.

💿 The challenge of maintaining human connections in a tech-dominated world

🛼 Compassion and Empathy

👾 The metaverse

🕹️ AI

Please enjoy the show!

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Quotes From Aragorn Meulendijks

“Idealists are the real realists.”

“I wasn't very good at remembering the years or the dates, but I was verygood at seeing the connections, understanding how one thing would lead to another and how it would evolve or into something else.”

“I was seeing that things that Plato said about society and democracy were being boosted or catalysed by modern technology.”

“Plato said any democracy has several stages in its life cycle, and by the end the subcultures are so far apart that they no longer have shared values, and thus no shared reality and thus they're not capable of cooperating anymore. This is exactly what we're seeing in the world today.”

“Our brains and bodies and everything we do is linear, however technology is developing along an exponential path.”

“10 years from now everybody will have access to private A.I. tutors.”

“The future of education - if we allow technology - will be able to revolutionize the way people learn. They will be able to learn at their own pace, from any educator they want and in any way that will really help them be inspired. Like I was by my history teachers.”

“If you go online you only communicate through written text. You might think that there's video content and you can do video calls, but the truth is 99.999% of all the interactions that people have are not only not in real time, they are in written form.”

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