Todd Haselhorst, Heale CEO: Saving Billions For The Logistics Industry With Blockchain Data APIs

todd haselhorst About Todd Haselhorst And Heale The global logistics industry is worth €8 trillion a year. It’s the critical backbone of the world economy. Yet, it’s haemorrhaging billions due to theft, inefficiency and poorly managed data sharing. Emerging technologies are a solution to the supply chain challenges, ushering in cost-effective, swift, and planet-friendly operations. The […]

Vince Yang, ZKLink CEO: Decentralized Finance, Zero Knowledge And Building Layer 3 Blockchains

zklink ceo vince yang About Vince Yang and ZKLINK Disruptors and curious minds! This week we’re speaking with Vince Yang, CEO of zkLink. In what will be a far-reaching, technological and philosophical conversation about the impact of ZK technology and Layer 3s on DeFi, and in turn, what that means for the financial infrastructure of culture. Yikes! That […]

Han Jin: Web3 Wallet Analytics And Decentralized Identity, Non-Linear Progression, AI & Consumer Prediction Models, Matching Web3 Communities On-Chain, The Bluwhale Launch, Blockchain Messaging, Personal Brand Building, Monetising Content, The Attention Economy, Wallet Reputation, Market Driven Profiles And Much More

Web3 Wallet Analytics And Decentralized Identity: With BluWhale CEO Han Jin About Han Jin Disruptors and Curious minds! Turn Your Digital Footprint Into Your Most Valuable Asset! This week we’re exploring the intersection of AI and blockchain and asking what it means for business, culture and finance. Han Jin is Co-founder and CEO of Bluwhale, a blockchain startup that uses AI to provide Web3 Wallet […]

Markus Thielen – What Is The Bitcoin ETF, The History Of Cryptocurrency, Leverage And Borrowing, Public And Political Pressure, ETF Scepticism, How Does Satoshi Feel, Network Effects, The Hero’s Journey, Ryan Zou, Why China Is Misunderstood, Crypto Titans, Bitcoin Jesus, Ordinals And Much More…

markus thielen About Markus Thielen Markus Thielen is the Head of Research and Strategy for digital-asset investment firm 10x, a Frequent CNBC, Bloomberg & CoinDesk guest and author of the books Crypto Titans, How trillions were made and billions lost in the cryptocurrency markets, and Bitcoin: The Irresistible Rise. From setting up and running the Quant […]

Dr Ankur Pathak – The Curious Journey From Chiropractor To Web3 Investor: What Makes A Good Pitch, Trends And Obstacles In Web3 Investing, How To Transpose Business Lessons, The Wonders Of Artificial Intelligence, Building A Personal Brand, New Media Investing, Bitcoin, Independent Finance And Much More

ankur pathak web3 investor

Listen On Spotify About Dr Ankur Pathak In 2021, Ankur Pathak was a chiropractor practicing from his Ontario cabinet. Another day, another patient. Less than three years later he’s the Principal at London Real Ventures, investing in AI, Blockchain and the Metaverse. The self-styled World’s First Media-Powered Investment Firm boasts over 5 million subscribers and […]

Kevin Riedl: Blockchain Developer, Language And Solidity Programming, What Are Smart Contracts, Really? Coding For Smart Cities, The Internet Of Things, Teaching Kids To Code, Creativity And Blockchain For Children, Hacking To Learn And Much More

kevin riedl

Listen On Spotify About Kevin Riedl Kevin Riedl is a blockchain developer, Dapp engineer and founder of web3 software company Waveact. When he isn’t writing smart contracts in Solidity, he writes the ‘No BS around Tech’ newsletter. When he isn’t doing either of those, he’s presenting his own web3 and blockchain podcast where he explores […]

Keatly Haldeman: Decentralized Platforms For Musicians, Music Syncing, PROs, Copyrights, Fair Monetary Reward, Blockchain Publishing, The Complexities Of Music Publishing, Black boxes, Automation, Smart Contracts, Collaboration, Twitch, Building In Web3, Creating Music And Much More

keatly haldeman

Listen On Spotify “Sync licensing is hard. Let’s just start there.” Keatly Haldeman Tweet “A sync license really is an insurance policy for the user to not get hit with a massive copyright infringement fine.” Keatly Haldeman Tweet “But what happens is you get millions of users, and you get hundreds of millions of posts, […]

Corrales Cachola: The Human Blockchain, Human Marketing, Web3 Culture, Why Web3 Marketing Is All Wrong, The Heart And Soul Of NFTS, Storytelling, Heritage, Building A Real Audience, Vision, Reframing, The Danger Of Private Blockchains And Much More…

corrales cachola

Listen On Spotify “I think that we are headed towards a more holistic understanding of tech.” Corrales Cachola Tweet “I love that it’s slow, it’s messy. That’s culture. When you start to apply human things that mean something, web3 looks fantastic.” Corrales Cachola Tweet Never miss another trend. Receive expert insight direct to your inbox […]

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