Corrales Cachola: The Human Blockchain, Human Marketing, Web3 Culture, Why Web3 Marketing Is All Wrong, The Heart And Soul Of NFTS, Storytelling, Heritage, Building A Real Audience, Vision, Reframing, The Danger Of Private Blockchains And Much More…

"I think that we are headed towards a more holistic understanding of tech."

"I love that it's slow, it's messy. That's culture. When you start to apply human things that mean something, web3 looks fantastic."

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Corrales is Founder of Brand New Voices, a web3 community for opportunities in crypto, DAOs, NFTs, Blockchain, DeFi, Marketing, Diversity, and Social Impact projects.

He’s also a marketer, NFT Consultant and storyteller. Past clients include: Nike, Intel, Barret School of Banking, World Health Organization and the Special Olympics Internationa.

Corrales is an outspoken journalist and brand marketer for Evangelist for:

Blockchain for Social Impact 

DEI Advocate (he was panellist speaker at the Culturally Competent Conversations DEI Conference.)

Financial Inclusion

Ending homelessness

To quote Corrales: 

“Without culture and human connectivity as web3’s primary drivers, there is nothing. Blockchain itself is an essential component of emotional and spiritual human development, acting more as a cultural vessel for connectivity and less as a high-speed network to transact data.”

Please enjoy the show. 

Quotes From Corrales Cachola on Culture and Blockchain

“What if we can attach meaning and purpose and vision? Then we can guide these things in our own decentralized ways. Whatever stories we want or need. Essentially map our Humanity onto the blockchain, onto these systems. Personify the tech.”

“I think that we are headed towards a more holistic understanding of tech.”

“Education is Downstream from purpose and emotion and vision and meaning. The education has to be infused with a lot of that emotional power.”

“I think it’s really powerful to talk about blockchain in terms of past, present and future. Because what blockchain is at a very fundamental level is, what I would call in cultural terms, a heritage system.”

“I’ve noticed a lot of people look to other people to define it for them, then they go and spew it out to their people. Honestly, I don’t think that’s what web3 should be about. I think it has to come from our own power, our own lived experiences.”

“I love that it’s slow, it’s messy. That’s culture. When you start to apply human things that mean something, web3 looks fantastic.”

“I like the immutability of blockchain because it’s just like in life. You can’t erase what you’ve done.”

“The more we understand it as a place of empowerment, the better we’re going to apply the tech.”

“This idea of using culture, heritage and storytelling to apply meaning onto tech and web3.”

“The deeper I get in the storytelling, the more I realize how important it is to web3. You have to understand how to tell these very abstract concepts in ways that mean something to people.”

“A lot of people just spend crazy amounts of time trying to understand all these new things, following news after news after news of new launches, new things happening, and I just think it’s a real hamster wheel, frankly.”

Show Notes and timestamps

0:00 30-day NFT Challenge

1:58 Welcome Corrales


6:58 Culture & NFT Utility

10:39 Tech & Emergent Systems

14:35 Jeremy On Grounding

20:37 Defining Your Web3 Mission, Vision & Values

29:58 What Is Brand New Voices?

35:19 Web3 As Empowerment

40:53 Decentralization V Private Blockchains

46:43 The Science Of Storytelling

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