Tyler Adams, COZ CEO: Blockchain In The Real World, Fashion And Designing Web3 For Brands

tyler adams

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oFeDGBn5U9A&t=378s About Tyler Adams And Coz Tyler Adams is co-founder and CEO at COZ, a Web3 software development community building blockchain applications. Tyler operates at what many might call the cutting edge of Blockchain Development. 🔍  In This Episode: From inception to execution, discover the story behind COZ’s rise in the blockchain space. Real-World Impact: […]

Todd Haselhorst, Heale CEO: Saving Billions For The Logistics Industry With Blockchain Data APIs

todd haselhorst

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eUWUf8NXdlo&t=2s About Todd Haselhorst And Heale The global logistics industry is worth €8 trillion a year. It’s the critical backbone of the world economy. Yet, it’s haemorrhaging billions due to theft, inefficiency and poorly managed data sharing. Emerging technologies are a solution to the supply chain challenges, ushering in cost-effective, swift, and planet-friendly operations. The […]

Jaime Schwarz: Spatial Transformation In The Web3 Era, Brand Therapy, How Web3 And AI Work Together, What Is Spatial Transformation, Digital Ownership On-Chain, The Barriers Of Interoperability, The Web3 Cultural Philosophy, The Surveillance Economy, Winne The Pooh IP And Much More…

jaime schwarz

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YOokRJ4FgMU&t=1949s&ab_channel=ThinkingOnPaperPodcast%26BookClub About Jamie Schwarz  Disruptors and curious minds, welcome to Thinking On Paper. This week we’re introducing you to two new WEB3 terms – KYP and Spatial transformation! The episode is called Parallel Worlds, launching the spatial transformation era because our guest is doing just that. After a 15 year career as an award winning […]

Jason Todd Shannon: What Will The Internet Of The Future Sound Like? Why The Internet Suffers From Sound Delay, Spatial Audio, Ambisonics, Sound Triangulation In The Metaverse, Iteration And VR Adoption, Virtual Concerts, Designing Soundscapes And Much More

what will the future internet sound like

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9RlMMm3uoJU&t=445s&ab_channel=ThinkingOnPaperPodcast%26BookClub About Jason Todd Shannon, Or, What Will The Internet Of The Future Sound Like? Disruptors and curious minds! This week, we explore the implications and effects of sound and music in digital experiences and ask what the internet of the future will sound like. Sound hits the brain before visual information, and our brain […]

Janina Vinklere: Web3 Immersive Experiences, Paris Hilton In Roblox, Meaningful Engagement, Why Brands Want Gamification, What Happened In Davos, Zara Larsson, Share The Wealth, Co-Creation, Web3 Brand Strategy, Roblox Strategy, Sport Brands, Loyalty Programs And Much More…

janina vinklere

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=20w76HdHbAw&t=11s&ab_channel=ThinkingOnPaper About Janina Vinklere Disruptors and curious minds! Welcome to another episode of emerging tech and brand wonder, research and insight. This week? Engage & Interact – Why Your Brand Should Care About Roblox, Games & XR. Immersive web3 (and non-web3) brand experiences are a new marketing channel that allows brands to connect with customers […]

Rachel Noonan: Designing Super Experiences, Extending AR Magic, Spatial Computing, What Happened At Coachella, Why Is The Metaverse Empty, Web3 Tribeca, Advising Brands On Virtual Worlds, Musical Super Experiences, Success & Failure, Sport In The Metaverse And Much More…

rebecca noonan

Listen On Spotify About Rachel Noonan Our most connected experiences usually require geographic proximity in three dimensions with other human beings. Concerts, weddings, and soccer matches all transform individual attendees into a universal collective called an audience. When you think about it, an audience is a network that transmits, receives and aggregates emotion based on […]

Dominik Karaman: Ikigai Web3 Brand Strategy, Professional E-Sports, League Of Legends And Brand Game Activations, Bi-directional Value Exchange, Web3 Brand Incentives, The Nouns DAO, Co-creation And Collaboration In Web3, Brand Frameworks, Nike DAO Trainers, Ice-Cream NFTS And Much More.

web3 brand strategy

Listen On Spotify About Dominik Karaman Disruptors and curious minds! Welcome to an other deep dive into emerging technology, web3 brand strategy and the intersection of culture, tech and the human condition. This week we’re going to Okinawa. Ikigai is a personal concept, an idea you can use to bring satisfaction and fulfilment into your […]

Jonathan Blanco: Web3 in Seattle, Everything Has To Start Somewhere, Processes Improve Over Time, The Intersection of AI and Blockchain, Bitcoin, Brand Stable Coins, Decentralized Life, Web3 Intermediaries, The Porsche NFT Blowback, How Do You Serve Your Core Customers? Where Do Brands Start, How To Make Better JPEGS, NFTS as Inventory, Tokenize Everything…And Much More

jonathan blanco

Listen On Spotify About Jonathan Blanco Jonathan G. Blanco is the Founder and CEO of Niftmint, a Web3 and AI Commerce Infrastructure company allowing Brands to Mint, Sell, and Custody NFTs directly on their eCommerce platform while handling all crypto and crypto wallets on behalf of the Brand and their Customer. Jonathan has been working […]

Justin Alanis: Why Hollywood Is Broken and How To Fix It, How To Get Funded In Web3, The Importance Of Networks, Creating Connections With Fans, Building IP, Harnessing Creativity, The Disco Ball, Grass Roots Storytelling, Incremental Involvement, Fandom, The Creator Economy And Much More…

justin alanis

Listen On Spotify “We think that the best stories are going to come from this unleashing of creativity where community and fans can coalesce and interact with one another.” Justin Alanis Tweet “Fans become creators, creators then bring more fans in, and it creates this really beautiful flywheel effect with these user-generated content platforms.” Justin […]

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