Justin Germishuys: What Happens When A.I. Meets Education and Behavioural Design? Human Biases & Heuristics, Affordances, The Design Of Everyday Things, Theory Of Mind, AI Tools For Clearer Thinking, Extended Mind, Cyborgs, Augmented Humans, How Your Children Should Use AI, And Much More…

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q8WnnmT4wlM&t=1475s About Justin Germishuys Disruptors and curious minds! Today’s show is all about AI, education and behavioural design. What is behavioural design? Can AI help you learn, sharpen your reasoning, change your behaviours? Can AI boost your performance or analyse the cognitive processes needed to make decisions and solve problems? Justin Germishuys is an experienced […]

Alexandra Whittington: The Futurist Playbook For 2024, How Foresight Thinking Can Make A Better World, What Is Futurism, How To Become A Futurist, Macro And Micro Tech Trends, How To Research Emerging Technology, Predicting The Future (Or Not), How To Trust AI, Advice For Brands, Is Futurism Different In 2024, And Much More…

alexandra whittington futurist

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YX7vCKDbIU8&ab_channel=ThinkingOnPaperPodcast%26BookClub What is futurism? Disruptors and curious minds! What is the future of artificial intelligence? How will it impact geoengineering, smart cities, and the next generation of digital natives? What about neural links, brain hacking, VR and blockchain? How are brands, fortune 500 companies and small business thinking, researching and strategizing for an uncertain future? […]

Jaime Schwarz: Spatial Transformation In The Web3 Era, Brand Therapy, How Web3 And AI Work Together, What Is Spatial Transformation, Digital Ownership On-Chain, The Barriers Of Interoperability, The Web3 Cultural Philosophy, The Surveillance Economy, Winne The Pooh IP And Much More…

jaime schwarz

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YOokRJ4FgMU&t=1949s&ab_channel=ThinkingOnPaperPodcast%26BookClub About Jamie Schwarz  Disruptors and curious minds, welcome to Thinking On Paper. This week we’re introducing you to two new WEB3 terms – KYP and Spatial transformation! The episode is called Parallel Worlds, launching the spatial transformation era because our guest is doing just that. After a 15 year career as an award winning […]

Thomas Frey: Futurism In 2024, The Good, The Bad And The Ugly – ChatGPT, Deepfakes, The 12 Laws Of Emerging Tech, Big Trends On The Horizon, Education And How Parents Should Prepare Their Kids For The Future, Automation, Electric Cars, Indexing Personal Data, Tesler, The Human Condition And Much More

thomas frey futurist

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eGR9p0Qsjm4&t=2675s&ab_channel=ThinkingOnPaper About Thomas Frey Disruptors and Curious Minds! Google’s Top-Rated Futurist Speaker and IBM’s Most Awarded Engineer is the same person. And he’s Thinking on Paper’s first guest of 2024. Thomas Frey is the Founder of the DaVinci Institute, where he works to explore original research studies in areas not normally addressed by other futurists. […]

Aragorn Meulendijks: The Metaverse, How History Shapes Emerging Technology, How VR & AI Can Fix Education, Does AI Have Compassion, How To Keep The Human Connection To Tech, Industrial Food Systems, The World In 2045, The Risks And Challenges Of Technology, Why Idealists Are The Real Realists, AI Elitism And Much More…

Aragorn Meulendijks

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ravfOmwPIM&t=2543s&ab_channel=ThinkingOnPaper About Aragorn Meulendijks Disruptors and curious minds! We’re a technological species, going in to a future of virtual worlds, digital twins, ai, nanotechnology, robotics and quantum computing. Today’s guest is going to explain what it means for the human condition, society and culture. How can the metaverse and technology give hope to the struggling, […]

Anthony Glukhov – A.I. And Copyright Law, How Does The Law Define Originality & Creativity, Blurred Lines, Can You Copyright A G-Chord? Google API’s And Fair Use, Who Owns AI Generated Code?, Andy Warhol And Transformative Copyright, Parody & Weird Al Yankovic, Advice For Brands And Much More

anthony glukhov

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IaPZfvKNKuo&ab_channel=ThinkingOnPaper About Anthony Glukhov If you’re a content creator, designer, brand or IP owner sitting in a Hollywood tower, listen up. IP and copyright law has always been a minefield. Artificial intelligence has made it exponentially more complex. This week’s guest is going to help you understand where the law stands on using generative ai, […]

Neil Redding – Near Futurist, Spatial Computing, Co-creating With AI, The Difference Between Thinking And Doing, The Brand Playbook For Emerging Tech, Presence In Virtual Worlds, Being Overwhelmed By Tech, How Retail Can Save Millions With AR, Brand Tech Strategy, Combining Technologies, What’s Wrong With Omnichannel And Much More

neil redding

Listen Now On Your Favourite Podcast Platform About Neil Redding Neil Redding is a keynote speaker, author, Innovation Architect and Near Futurist. Neil has worked at the convergence of digital and physical for decades, and is an expert in spatial computing, virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR), AI and convergent brand ecosystems. As a Near Futurist, […]

Julio Ottino: Nexus Thinking For Better Leadership, Kafka, Thinking Like An Artist, Inspiration From Metaphor, Picasso, Art Lessons From Dario Robreto, The AI Weak Spot, Complex V Complicated, Teaching Creativity, Fostering Curiosity, Interdisciplinary Thinking, Lessons From Great Thinkers, The Nobel Prize, Maths As Intuition And Much More

julio ottino

Listen On Spotify, Apple Or Your Favourite Podcast Platform About Julio Ottino  Julio Ottino is a thought leader, scientist, author and former Dean of engineering and applied science at North western University. Julio was the co-founder and director of the North western Institute on Complex Systems. He’s a Fellow of the American Physical Society and […]

Dean Wilson: Human Traffic, Brick Lane, The UK Garage Explosion, Daniel Bedingfield, What To Do Post Vinyl, Calvin Harris, Breaking America, Jay-Z, Brummies, The Beauty Of Technology, Managing Deadmau5, Dumbing Down Tech, Seeing The Future, The Discord Killer, AMP-D, What Superfans Want, Music Streaming, Not Using Buzzwords, Bi-directional Value Exchange And Much More…

dean wilson

Listen On Spotify About Dean Wilson Disruptors and curious minds! Welcome to another packed show of emerging tech and culture insight, reality and dreams. This week we’re talking about music, IP, house music and creating real bi-directional value between musicians and fans! Dean Wilson, CEO and Founder of SEVEN20, wants to change the culture and […]

Charlie Northrup: Making Machines Think, Connected ‘Things’, Putting Your Digital Brain To Work, The Road To A.I. Agents, The Hyperconnected Universe, Emergent Systems, The Web3 Puzzle, Multikey Infrastructures, LLMS, Graph Of Thing, IIOT, Being Overwhelmed, Recursion, Robotic Consciousness And Much More

charlie northrup

Listen On Spotify About Charlie Northrup Charlie Northrup is the founder of Neursciences. His work is hard to take in at first approach, but when it clicks, you know something major is going on. He’s a tech enthusiast, a serial inventor, and at the moment, he’s working primarily on interconnected systems. He’s working on several […]

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