Rachel Noonan: Designing Super Experiences, Extending AR Magic, Spatial Computing, What Happened At Coachella, Why Is The Metaverse Empty, Web3 Tribeca, Advising Brands On Virtual Worlds, Musical Super Experiences, Success & Failure, Sport In The Metaverse And Much More…

rebecca noonan

Listen On Spotify About Rachel Noonan Our most connected experiences usually require geographic proximity in three dimensions with other human beings. Concerts, weddings, and soccer matches all transform individual attendees into a universal collective called an audience. When you think about it, an audience is a network that transmits, receives and aggregates emotion based on […]

Yolanda Barton: Preserving Culture & Heritage With AR, Hendrix, Linking Communities, Saving Memories, Immersive Experience, Super Powers, Web3 Collaboration, Revere XR, The Utility Of Headsets, The Future Of Global Education, Unapologetic Tech And Much More…

yolanda barton

Listen On Spotify About Yolanda Barton Yolanda Barton is an immersive storyteller and leader at the forefront of inclusive technology and experiential learning. As the founder of Revere XR, she has harnessed the power of VR, AR, XR, mixed reality, and AI to revolutionize the way we engage with popular culture and history. As a […]

Josh Goldblum: Art, Museums & Redefining Immersive Visitor Experience, The Smithsonian American Art Museum, The MIT Museum, AI Poetry, Building Prototypes, Storytelling First, NFT Digital Art, Why Van Gogh Killed Himself, How Many Museums Are There? Holographic Displays, Bi-Directional Value Exchange For Artists, Mid-Journey For Kids And Much More… 

josh goldblum

Listen On Spotify About Josh Goldblum Josh has over 20 years of experience in art and emerging tech. He started his career as a new media specialist at the Smithsonian American Art Museum, where his focus was on using design and technology to make art and culture more captivating and accessible. 17 years ago he […]

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