Tyler Adams, COZ CEO: Blockchain In The Real World, Fashion And Designing Web3 For Brands

tyler adams

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oFeDGBn5U9A&t=378s About Tyler Adams And Coz Tyler Adams is co-founder and CEO at COZ, a Web3 software development community building blockchain applications. Tyler operates at what many might call the cutting edge of Blockchain Development. 🔍  In This Episode: From inception to execution, discover the story behind COZ’s rise in the blockchain space. Real-World Impact: […]

Luz Donahue – Abstract Artist, How To Be More Creative, Flow States, Ego Learning And Play, Living Provenance Phygital Conceptual NFTs, How Brands Can Create Space, The Artist’s Process, Tangible Brand Challenges, AI & Creativity, Divergent Thinking And Much More

luz donahue

Listen On Your Favourite Podcast Platform About Luz Donahue Luz Donahue is an abstract artist, teacher, rebel, fractional CMO, strategist, futurist consultant and has been in web3 since the sun rose on the creator economy.  She is currently working on her Living Provenance Phygital Conceptual NFTs! With over 9 years of experience as a fine […]

Josh Katz: NFT Tickets, Royalties And Smart Contracts, The Kings Of Leon NFT, Ethereum Meetups in 2017, Web3 As A Solution To Black Markets, Fan Artist Relationships, How Do NFTS Benefit Concert Venues, Can Tech Save Us From Tech, Yellow Heart, DJs X Licenced Music And Much More

josh katz nft tickets

Listen On Spotify About Josh Katz In 2017, Josh Katz found himself in an interesting situation. He had just sold his midtown Manhattan business, but the buyers re-traded the lease from under him, leaving him with 100 square meters of prime New York real estate with no use. Fortunately, Katz didn’t let this business setback […]

Keatly Haldeman: Decentralized Platforms For Musicians, Music Syncing, PROs, Copyrights, Fair Monetary Reward, Blockchain Publishing, The Complexities Of Music Publishing, Black boxes, Automation, Smart Contracts, Collaboration, Twitch, Building In Web3, Creating Music And Much More

keatly haldeman

Listen On Spotify “Sync licensing is hard. Let’s just start there.” Keatly Haldeman Tweet “A sync license really is an insurance policy for the user to not get hit with a massive copyright infringement fine.” Keatly Haldeman Tweet “But what happens is you get millions of users, and you get hundreds of millions of posts, […]

Caroline Giegerich: The Warner Music Experience, Spotify Algorithms, Processing Technology, Brands & Artists And How NFTS Connect, UX & The Power Of Visuals, Melanie Martinez AR, Why Musicians Don’t Want Web3 But Arden Jones Does, NFTs, Loyalty, Superfans, Kevin Gates POAPs and Much More…

caroline giegerich

Listen On Spotify “You’re talking about long-term, what does the fan get out of it? That’s of paramount importance.” Caroline Giegerich Tweet “I’m actively trying to provide an equitable space where all sorts of people, technical or not, can come together and share ideas.” Caroline Giegerich Tweet Never miss another trend. Receive expert insight direct […]

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