Tyler Adams, COZ CEO: Blockchain In The Real World, Fashion And Designing Web3 For Brands

tyler adams

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oFeDGBn5U9A&t=378s About Tyler Adams And Coz Tyler Adams is co-founder and CEO at COZ, a Web3 software development community building blockchain applications. Tyler operates at what many might call the cutting edge of Blockchain Development. 🔍  In This Episode: From inception to execution, discover the story behind COZ’s rise in the blockchain space. Real-World Impact: […]

Dr Larry Rosen: What Does Technology Do To Your Brain? What Do Cortisol & Dopamine Do To Your Brain? Social Media, Anxiety & Brain Productivity, Why Does Your Cortex Thin? Breaking Bad Habits, Fixing Attention, Advice For Parents, Eye Contact, Technology Behaviours, And Much More…

larry rosen

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EmIrjS0l0JY&t=1s About Dr Larry Rosen Disruptors and curious minds! Are you on your phone? What is the technology doing to your brain? How is it triggering dopamine, interacting with cortisol and affecting your focus, concentration, mental capacity and memory skills? What about your kids? What about your relationships? How is the train wreck of technology […]

Yolanda Barton: Preserving Culture & Heritage With AR, Hendrix, Linking Communities, Saving Memories, Immersive Experience, Super Powers, Web3 Collaboration, Revere XR, The Utility Of Headsets, The Future Of Global Education, Unapologetic Tech And Much More…

yolanda barton

Listen On Spotify About Yolanda Barton Yolanda Barton is an immersive storyteller and leader at the forefront of inclusive technology and experiential learning. As the founder of Revere XR, she has harnessed the power of VR, AR, XR, mixed reality, and AI to revolutionize the way we engage with popular culture and history. As a […]

Corrales Cachola: The Human Blockchain, Human Marketing, Web3 Culture, Why Web3 Marketing Is All Wrong, The Heart And Soul Of NFTS, Storytelling, Heritage, Building A Real Audience, Vision, Reframing, The Danger Of Private Blockchains And Much More…

corrales cachola

Listen On Spotify “I think that we are headed towards a more holistic understanding of tech.” Corrales Cachola Tweet “I love that it’s slow, it’s messy. That’s culture. When you start to apply human things that mean something, web3 looks fantastic.” Corrales Cachola Tweet Never miss another trend. Receive expert insight direct to your inbox […]

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