Toa Dunn: League Of Legends, Riot Games, Music Strategy For Video Games, Understanding Your Players, How Pentakill Outgrew League Of Legends, K/DA, Building Teams At Riot, Interdisciplinary Thinking, Building Trust, How Video Games Shape Music, What You Can Learn From Jazz Lessons, Creativity And Strategy And Much More

toa dunn About Toa Dunn Disruptors and curious minds! We’ve got a barnstorming episode for you on music strategy for video games and how to build the interdisciplinary teams to make it a reality! How do game companies like Riot Games think, build and execute their music strategy? How did League of Legends give you virtual […]

Jesper Nordin & David Knox: An Introduction To Reactional Music – The New Platform Connecting Music And Games Creatively, Technically And Commercially, Rule-Based Systems, The Influence Of Graphics, In-Game Listening Habits, The Personalisation Of Gaming, Creating Value, How Game Developers Can Work With Music, What Do Gamers Want From Music, New Revenue Streams For Game Giants And Musicians… And Much More

Jesper Nordin & David Know: Connecting Music And Games Creatively, Technically And Commercially,

Listen On Spotify Are you a gamer? A developer? See Reactional Music In Action About Jesper Nordin Jesper Nordin is a Swedish composer with international acclaim. His music is performed by world renowned conductors like Esa-Pekka Salonen, Daniel Harding and Kent Nagano, and performed by world-famous musicians like Martin Fröst, Pekka Kuusisto and Malin […]

Dean Wilson: Human Traffic, Brick Lane, The UK Garage Explosion, Daniel Bedingfield, What To Do Post Vinyl, Calvin Harris, Breaking America, Jay-Z, Brummies, The Beauty Of Technology, Managing Deadmau5, Dumbing Down Tech, Seeing The Future, The Discord Killer, AMP-D, What Superfans Want, Music Streaming, Not Using Buzzwords, Bi-directional Value Exchange And Much More…

dean wilson

Listen On Spotify About Dean Wilson Disruptors and curious minds! Welcome to another packed show of emerging tech and culture insight, reality and dreams. This week we’re talking about music, IP, house music and creating real bi-directional value between musicians and fans! Dean Wilson, CEO and Founder of SEVEN20, wants to change the culture and […]

Keatly Haldeman: Decentralized Platforms For Musicians, Music Syncing, PROs, Copyrights, Fair Monetary Reward, Blockchain Publishing, The Complexities Of Music Publishing, Black boxes, Automation, Smart Contracts, Collaboration, Twitch, Building In Web3, Creating Music And Much More

keatly haldeman

Listen On Spotify “Sync licensing is hard. Let’s just start there.” Keatly Haldeman Tweet “A sync license really is an insurance policy for the user to not get hit with a massive copyright infringement fine.” Keatly Haldeman Tweet “But what happens is you get millions of users, and you get hundreds of millions of posts, […]

Caroline Giegerich: The Warner Music Experience, Spotify Algorithms, Processing Technology, Brands & Artists And How NFTS Connect, UX & The Power Of Visuals, Melanie Martinez AR, Why Musicians Don’t Want Web3 But Arden Jones Does, NFTs, Loyalty, Superfans, Kevin Gates POAPs and Much More…

caroline giegerich

Listen On Spotify “You’re talking about long-term, what does the fan get out of it? That’s of paramount importance.” Caroline Giegerich Tweet “I’m actively trying to provide an equitable space where all sorts of people, technical or not, can come together and share ideas.” Caroline Giegerich Tweet Never miss another trend. Receive expert insight direct […]

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