Evan Shapiro: Inside Corporate Media, The Netflix Bull Case, Aiming For The Middle Ground, The Netflix Bear Case, The User-Centric Era, The Triple Play, Apple’s Amazon Prime Competitor, Cancelling Your Streaming Subscriptions, The Success Model Of The New York Times, Generation Y Brand Strategy, Nvidia, Spotify, Star Trek Storytelling, Future Media Trends, Evan’s Book Shelf, The Media Apocalypse, Data, Viewing Habits And Much More…

evan shapiro

Listen On Your Favourite Podcast Platform About Evan Shapiro Evan Shapiro is the official unofficial cartographer of the Media Universe. Few, if any, people have spent more time exploring entertainment verticals of TV, music, podcasts and social media than Evan. From the community strategy of streaming platforms to the user-centric future, he has a formidable […]

Caroline Giegerich: The Warner Music Experience, Spotify Algorithms, Processing Technology, Brands & Artists And How NFTS Connect, UX & The Power Of Visuals, Melanie Martinez AR, Why Musicians Don’t Want Web3 But Arden Jones Does, NFTs, Loyalty, Superfans, Kevin Gates POAPs and Much More…

caroline giegerich

Listen On Spotify “You’re talking about long-term, what does the fan get out of it? That’s of paramount importance.” Caroline Giegerich Tweet “I’m actively trying to provide an equitable space where all sorts of people, technical or not, can come together and share ideas.” Caroline Giegerich Tweet Never miss another trend. Receive expert insight direct […]

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