Julio Ottino: Nexus Thinking For Better Leadership, Kafka, Thinking Like An Artist, Inspiration From Metaphor, Picasso, Art Lessons From Dario Robreto, The AI Weak Spot, Complex V Complicated, Teaching Creativity, Fostering Curiosity, Interdisciplinary Thinking, Lessons From Great Thinkers, The Nobel Prize, Maths As Intuition And Much More

julio ottino

Listen On Spotify, Apple Or Your Favourite Podcast Platform About Julio Ottino  Julio Ottino is a thought leader, scientist, author and former Dean of engineering and applied science at North western University. Julio was the co-founder and director of the North western Institute on Complex Systems. He’s a Fellow of the American Physical Society and […]

Corrales Cachola: The Human Blockchain, Human Marketing, Web3 Culture, Why Web3 Marketing Is All Wrong, The Heart And Soul Of NFTS, Storytelling, Heritage, Building A Real Audience, Vision, Reframing, The Danger Of Private Blockchains And Much More…

corrales cachola

Listen On Spotify “I think that we are headed towards a more holistic understanding of tech.” Corrales Cachola Tweet “I love that it’s slow, it’s messy. That’s culture. When you start to apply human things that mean something, web3 looks fantastic.” Corrales Cachola Tweet Never miss another trend. Receive expert insight direct to your inbox […]

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