Alexandra Whittington: The Futurist Playbook For 2024, How Foresight Thinking Can Make A Better World, What Is Futurism, How To Become A Futurist, Macro And Micro Tech Trends, How To Research Emerging Technology, Predicting The Future (Or Not), How To Trust AI, Advice For Brands, Is Futurism Different In 2024, And Much More…

alexandra whittington futurist What is futurism? Disruptors and curious minds! What is the future of artificial intelligence? How will it impact geoengineering, smart cities, and the next generation of digital natives? What about neural links, brain hacking, VR and blockchain? How are brands, fortune 500 companies and small business thinking, researching and strategizing for an uncertain future? […]

Thomas Frey: Futurism In 2024, The Good, The Bad And The Ugly – ChatGPT, Deepfakes, The 12 Laws Of Emerging Tech, Big Trends On The Horizon, Education And How Parents Should Prepare Their Kids For The Future, Automation, Electric Cars, Indexing Personal Data, Tesler, The Human Condition And Much More

thomas frey futurist About Thomas Frey Disruptors and Curious Minds! Google’s Top-Rated Futurist Speaker and IBM’s Most Awarded Engineer is the same person. And he’s Thinking on Paper’s first guest of 2024. Thomas Frey is the Founder of the DaVinci Institute, where he works to explore original research studies in areas not normally addressed by other futurists. […]

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