Han Jin: Web3 Wallet Analytics And Decentralized Identity, Non-Linear Progression, AI & Consumer Prediction Models, Matching Web3 Communities On-Chain, The Bluwhale Launch, Blockchain Messaging, Personal Brand Building, Monetising Content, The Attention Economy, Wallet Reputation, Market Driven Profiles And Much More

Web3 Wallet Analytics And Decentralized Identity: With BluWhale CEO Han Jin

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G7icVsMdsyM&t=6s About Han Jin Disruptors and Curious minds! Turn Your Digital Footprint Into Your Most Valuable Asset! This week we’re exploring the intersection of AI and blockchain and asking what it means for business, culture and finance. Han Jin is Co-founder and CEO of Bluwhale, a blockchain startup that uses AI to provide Web3 Wallet […]

Markus Thielen – What Is The Bitcoin ETF, The History Of Cryptocurrency, Leverage And Borrowing, Public And Political Pressure, ETF Scepticism, How Does Satoshi Feel, Network Effects, The Hero’s Journey, Ryan Zou, Why China Is Misunderstood, Crypto Titans, Bitcoin Jesus, Ordinals And Much More…

markus thielen

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CQMfNqraqrI&t=217s&ab_channel=ThinkingOnPaper About Markus Thielen Markus Thielen is the Head of Research and Strategy for digital-asset investment firm 10x, a Frequent CNBC, Bloomberg & CoinDesk guest and author of the books Crypto Titans, How trillions were made and billions lost in the cryptocurrency markets, and Bitcoin: The Irresistible Rise. From setting up and running the Quant […]

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